1.1.0 Release Notes

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Changes Related to the gHN

  • distribution:
  • to comply with the Java 6 platform, the following libraries have been removed:
  • activation.jar
  • jaxb1-impl.jar
  • jaxb-api.jar
  • jaxb-impl.jar
  • jaxb-xjc.jar
  • jsr173_api.jar
  • Service Maps have been changed to refer the new wsdaix/XMLCollectionAccess endpoint of the IS-InformationCollector service
  • the secure gHN distribution has been suspended, waiting for the forthcoming new security framework
  • configuration: the implementation.properties file has been changed to reflect the changes in the org.gcube.common.core.informationsystem.publisher package as follows:
  • new configuration parameters
  • ISGenericPublisher: the referred class must implement the org.gcube.common.core.informationsystem.publisher.ISGenericPublisher allowing to publish generic piece of information in the IS;
  • ISResource: the referred class must implement the org.gcube.common.core.informationsystem.publisher.ISResource modeling a generic piece of information that can be published in the IS;
  • ISResourcePublisher: the referred class must implement the org.gcube.common.core.informationsystem.publisher.ISResourcePublisher allowing to publish gCUBE Resources in the IS;
  • configuration parameters removed because the publisher now behaves only in a synchronous way:
  • ISAsyncPublisher
  • ISSyncPublisher
  • profiles: the GHN id and service version of the RI profile are updated at start up time
  • new versions of Local Services and Libraries. Most noticeably:
  • a completely new reference implementation of the set of the ISPublisher interfaces to interact with the new IS-InformationCollector service based on WS-DAIX;
  • minor versions of the Deployer and gHN Manager services collecting some fixings;
  • a new stubs library for interacting with the new IS-Registry service;
  • publication: the reference implementation of the WS-Service Group provided by Globus (the Aggregator Framework) has been definitely abandoned due to its under performances and replaced with the WS-DAIX implementation offered by the new version of the Information System.

Changes Related to the Services

  • publication in the Information System:
  • package org.gcube.common.core.informationsystem.publisher has been changed to better exploit the extended capabilities offered by the new version of the Information System. However it provides full backwards compatibility and no changes are needed at service level (unless for the new facilities);
  • generic pieces of information can be now published in the Information System (previously, only Resource Properties and gCube Resources) via the new ISGenericPublisher;
  • publication of WSResources can be also performed in push mode (only pull was available in previous releases).
  • state:
  • org.gcube.common.core.state.GCUBEWSResourcePropertySet is now an observable object. Registered observers (classes implementing the java.util.Observer interface) are notified about any change in the handled set of Resource Properties;
  • instances of org.globus.wsrf.ResourceProperty are proxed by org.gcube.common.core.state.GCUBEWSResourcePropertyProxy to support notifications over Resource Properties.