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The development of gCore and the gCore Framework is an integral part of the technical roadmap for the gCube system. The gCore Technical Committee (TC) is comprised of a selection of the members on the gCube Development Team and communicates primarily through the mailto:gcore_tc@gcube-system.org mailing list.

The current context to gCore and gCube development is D4Science, a project involving 11 partners across Europe and co-funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The project started in January 2008 and has a duration of 2 years.

D4Science aims to continue the path that the GÉANT, EGEE, and DILIGENT projects have initiated towards establishing networking, grid-based, and data-centric e-Infrastructures that accelerate multidisciplinary research by overcoming several crucial barriers that stand in the way, primarily those related to heterogeneity, sustainability and scalability.