1.0 Release Notes

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gCore 1.0 introduces the following changes:

Changes Related to the gHN

  • distribution: there are now two distributions of the gHN, the standard distribution and the secure distribution. The secure distribution extends the standard distribution with:
  • a Delegation service that provides delegated credentials to locally deployed services.
  • a Security library that supports authentication and authorisation of gCube calls as well as policy management.
  • a gcore-stop-container script that shutdowns a secure container.
  • configuration: a set of new configuration setting is available.
  • the GHNConfig.xml has been extended with two additional configuration parameters:
  • allowedScopes lists the VOs that the gHN is allowed to join.
  • trustedGHNSynchInterval indicates how often the gHN refreshes the list the gHNs it can trust (in seconds).
  • In a secure distribution, the security descriptor of the gHN in $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus_wsrf_core/global_security_descriptor.xml is enabled and configured to load the host credentials. These must be configured as follows:
  • the host key in /etc/grid-security/containerkey.pem;
  • the host certificate in /etc/grid-security/containercert.pem</code.
  • the environment variable <code>X509_USER_PROXY is now used to contact the container from outside the process. In a secure distribution, It must contain a valid proxy certificate accepted by the container.
  • START_OPTIONS has been renamed to GCORE_START_OPTIONS. It can be now either set in the external environment or in the gcore-start-container script.

Changes Related to Services


Changes Related to the Documentation

  • new/revised sections in the Administrator's Guide.
the Configuration Section now illustrates the setup of a secure gHN.