1.0.3 Release Notes

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gCore 1.0.3 introduces the following changes:

Changes Related to the gHN

  • new versions of Local Services and Libraries. Most noticeably:
  • the Storage Management stubs and Content Management Library have been bundled as local components of the distribution so as to support the resolution of URLs with the sms scheme;
  • the ISNotification library has been changed to interact with the new WS Core functionality and manage the filters on WS-Topics.
  • configuration: The gCore container is now launched with the following new property to to support the resolution of URLs with the sms scheme.
  • -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=org.gcube.contentmanagement.storagelayer.storagemanagementservice.stubs.protocol

Changes Related to Services

  • changes for managing pre-conditions on WS-Topics
  • WS Core 4.0.4 has been patched to support pre-conditions on WS-Topics. In detail, org.globus.wsrf.impl.SimpleSubscriptionTopicListener has been modified so as to accept an XPath expressions to apply as a filter on notifications before these are sent to subscribed consumers.
  • org.gcube.common.core.informationsystem.notifier.ISNotifier has been modified accordingly. In particular, QName parameters are replaced by GCUBENotificationTopic parameters in the following new methods (the old methods are now deprecated)
  • public <T extends BaseNotificationConsumer> void registerToISNotification(T consumer,List<GCUBENotificationTopic> notifications, GCUBESecurityManager manager, GCUBEScope ... scope) throws ISNotifierException;
  • public void unregisterFromISNotification( GCUBESecurityManager manager, List<GCUBENotificationTopic> notifications, GCUBEScope ... scope) throws ISNotifierException ;
  • improved plugin installation error reporting in org.gcube.common.core.plugins.PluginManager
  • code clean up:
  • removed setScope(thread,scope) methods left for binary compatibility in previous release, replaced now in full by setScope(thread,scope?)
  • removed misspelled method getEndointReference() in GCUBECall, now replaced in full by getEndpointReference()