1.0.1 Release Notes

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gCore 1.0.1 introduces the following changes:

Changes Related to the gHN

  • cleanup: removed $GLOBUS_LOCATION/share/schema/gcore_tools/sample-build.properties because obsolete and mis-aligned with the example in the Primer.
  • accounting: modified org.gcube.common.core.resources.GCUBERunningInstance to introduce Accounting information (cf. org.gcube.common.core.resources.ScopedAccounting.
  • state management: separated topic and RP publication; services will still publish topics even if they have not configured RP publication.
  • lifetime management:
  • added UNREACHABLE state to lifetime of gHN and service.
  • the gHN can now be added to VRE scopes.
  • profiles:
  • RI profile: new Accounting element; TotalINCalls, AverageINCalls, AverageInvocationTime and TopCallerGHN are now reported per each scope joined to the RI;
  • Service profile: modified GHNRequirement structure; the Category element's value now is an enumeration, the Key element has been added for requirements against RunTimeEnv

Changes Related to Services

  • access control: fixed a bug in GCUBEForwardProxyContext whereby overriding annotations were ignored (e.g. ReadOnly policies could not be refined by the service).
  • high-level calls:
  • fixed spelling error in org.gcube.common.core.utils.calls.GCUBECall#getEndpointReference(was GCUBECall#getEndointReference).
  • increased visibility of org.gcube.common.core.utils.calls.GCUBECall#setEndpointReference to public.
  • queries in org.gcube.common.core.utils.calls.WSCall now discriminates between WS-Resources of different types but in the same service.
  • plugin management: failures at plugin load time do not fail services now.

Changes Related to the Documentation

  • errata:
  • corrected START_OPTION in START_OPTIONS in the Administrator's Guide.
  • corrected name of sample build file from build-sample.xml to sample-build.xml in the Primer.