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The gCube Core Distribution (gCore) is a packaging of selected components of the gCube system which are ubiquitously deployed within an gCube infrastructure. The distribution includes:

  • the gCore Container: a container for the deployment of gCube Services and basic lifetime management of their Running Instances (RIs). A running instance of the container listening on a given port identifies a gCube Hosting Node (gHN), the topological unit of a gCube infrastructure.
  • the Local Services: a small set of distinguished gCube Services that ensure the correct operation of the gHN or are conveniently deployed next to any service which may run on it.
  • the gCube Application Framework (gCF): a Java-based application framework for the development of gCube Services and their clients.


gCore builds upon Globus technology and customises it to the requirements of gCube. The gCore Container is a customisation of the container distributed with the Globus Toolkit (GT). Similarly, gCF is an extension of the Java WS Core Framework, also distributed with GT.

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