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=== gContainer at a glance ===
=== gContainer at a glance ===
=== Dealing with Globus ===
=== GHN Passport ===

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  1. gCore Overview
    1. Ground rules: preparing the environment
    2. Installing gCore
  2. From configuration to testing with a single Port-Type
    1. Structuring the service code
    2. Delving into the implementation
    3. Building & Deploying
    4. gCore Logging & Restart
    5. A Test Client
    6. Refining the implementation
  3. Adding State
    1. Multi Port-Type service
    2. Basic steps
    3. Implementation
    4. Configuring JNDIs & Descriptors
    5. Building & Deploying
    6. A Test Client

gCore overview

gCore is a toolkit for building distributed applications that are hosted by multi-domain infrastructure. This tutorial intends to present gCore and its related software required to design, build, and deploy software that can be effectively used to build complex applications. Let us take an incremental approach and illustrate all the steps of the service development cycle in relation to a first Port-Type. For simplicity, we shall assume the Port-Type to be stateless. we shall then introduce the assumption of state later, when we will enrich our sample service with additional Port-Types.

gCore is dedicated to developers that have an average knowledge of [U/Li]nix and Java, and some experience with WS concepts, terminology, and procedures.

Ground rules: preparing the environment

  • Exclusively a Java & [U/Li]nix environment
    • 1.5.0_08+
    • OS requirements as per underlying Globus
  • Typically, a Shell + IDE environment
    • IDE for code configuration & authoring
    • Shell for code building & deployment
    • Require both installation & configuration

Installing gCore

  • through SVN checkout
  • with Etics downloads, Module: org.gcore.gcontainer, for gCube developers
  • through command line or IDE plugin alike, e.g. Subversion for Eclipse into a folder of choice (the gCore location)

The official vehicle for notifications is the gCORE Technical Committee mailing list, gCore_TC.

gContainer at a glance


Dealing with Globus


GHN Passport