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Interfacing the Information System

The gCore Frameork has been designed to work independently from a IS specific Implementation. In order to let the gCF unbound from a IS implementation both query & publishing interfaces have been designed. The gCF implements than a dynamic class loader that ( reading a implementation file that contains the mapping btw the IS interfaces and their implementations) can abstract over the IS technology.

ISQuery interface

The ISQuery interface designs the minimal query behavoiur accepted by the ISClient. The query contains the textual query expression and specify a time-to-live for their results (that can be exploited by future caching mechianism) The definition is parametric with respect the type of the exptected results. This is not required for the interface, though it may for its implementations; in addition , it allows full typing of the ISClients interface.

public interface ISQuery<RESULT> {
	    * Returns the time-to-live of the results of the query.
	    * @return the time-to-live.
	   public long getTTL();

	    * Sets the time-to-live of the results of the query.
	    * @param ttl the time-to-live.
	   public void setTTL(long ttl);

	    * Returns the textual expression of the query.
	    * @return the expression.
	   public String getQueryExpression();

	    * Sets the textual expression of the query.
	    * @param exp the expression.
	   public void setQueryExpression(String exp);

ISClient interface

The IS Client interface defines only two methods:

public <RESULT> List<RESULT> execute(ISQuery<RESULT> query, GCUBEScope scope,GCUBEContext ...context) throws 


The execute method takes as parameter the query object

public <RESULT, QUERY extends ISQuery<RESULT>> QUERY getQuery(Class<QUERY> clazz) throws ISUnsupportedQueryException;

Sample usage

ISPublisher interface

Sample usage

Service security

Configuring gContainer with Security

Configuring gCube Service with Credentials

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