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Interfacing the Information System

The gCore Frameork has been designed to work independently from a IS specific Implementation. In order to let the gCF unbound from a IS implementation both query & publishing interfaces have been designed. The gCF implements than a dynamic class loader that ( reading a implementation file that contains the mapping btw the IS interfaces and their implementations) can abstract over the IS technology.

ISQuery interface

The ISQuery interface designs

public interface ISQuery<RESULT> {
	    * Returns the time-to-live of the results of the query.
	    * @return the time-to-live.
	   public long getTTL();

	    * Sets the time-to-live of the results of the query.
	    * @param ttl the time-to-live.
	   public void setTTL(long ttl);

	    * Returns the textual expression of the query.
	    * @return the expression.
	   public String getQueryExpression();

	    * Sets the textual expression of the query.
	    * @param exp the expression.
	   public void setQueryExpression(String exp);

ISClient interface

The IS Client interface defines only two methods:

public <RESULT> List<RESULT> execute(ISQuery<RESULT> query, GCUBEScope scope,GCUBEContext ...context) throws 


The execute method takes as parameter the query object

public <RESULT, QUERY extends ISQuery<RESULT>> QUERY getQuery(Class<QUERY> clazz) throws ISUnsupportedQueryException;

Sample usage

ISPublisher interface

Sample usage

Service security

Configuring gContainer with Security

Configuring gCube Service with Credentials

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