1.0.4 Release Notes

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gCore 1.0.4 introduces the following changes:

Changes Related to the gHN

  • configuration: The gCore container is now defaulted to start with a service thread pool sized to 100;
  • gHN profile:
  • the RuntimeEnvironment section of the gHN profile is updated each the GHN is started;
  • the name of the domain is now formed by the two last tokens of the host name (if available) or the complete IP address

Changes Related to Services

  • changes for managing pre-conditions on WS-Topics:
  • WS Core 4.0.4 released in 1.0.3 has been fixed to manage some corner cases;
  • registered custom StreamHandlerFactory to cope with Java's classloading bug
  • fault management:
  • getCause on a GCUBEFault returns a Throwable of the remote exception;
  • serialisation and deserialisation of full, recursive stack-trace as fault detail;
  • fixings:
  • GCUBEWSLiteResource.transformParams() returns Object[] instead of Object
  • GCUBELocalHome persists link count decrements on remove
  • code clean up
  • restored setScope(thread,scope) methods for binary compatibility with previous release